Are You Passionate About Wellness & Looking to Start, Grow & Become Profitable Online Fast?

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Wellcademy is the world’s first dedicated community for wellness enthusiasts looking to build or create an online movement or business to help people transform their lives.

We’re taking you behind the scenes of Food Matters and 15 years of growth, lessons, and insights that you can use to successfully navigate the world of online business.

Whether you’re brand new to this space or established and ready to grow, we’re here to help you.

Let’s do this!

Founders - Food Matters, FMTV (Gaia) & Wellcademy

A woman studying with Wellcademy

5 Steps To Creating & Growing Your Online Wellness Business

  • The most important thing we did to grow our companies (that we still do today).
  • How to understand your ideal customer and how to speak to them.
  • How your story is the secret to building a successful business.
  • How to use the power of webinars, summits, masterclasses, and more to market your product or service.
  • The #1 step you must take before starting a business.
A woman studying with Wellcademy
A woman studying with Wellcademy
If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.
James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch
James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch

Hi Changemaker!

Life can be hard at times. We get it.

Especially when you decide to go out on a limb and start your own idea online.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve grown multiple companies in the wellness space from superfoods to films, books, streaming TV, merchandise, podcasts, summits, and more…

With how much the world has changed in the past few years, many people have come to us asking for advice on how they can start or grow their impact online.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many people who start and then fail which inspired us to create the Wellcademy community, a space for us to share and exchange ideas and information on helping you succeed.

We’ll hold your hand and teach you how we did it with limited money, experience, and no contacts to start with and hope that this can be the catalyst for transformation - big or small.

Founders - Food Matters, FMTV (Gaia) & Wellcademy